The Role of the Broker

The Role of the Broker

The Risk

Every company or person relates to the outside world in terms of risks, at every moment of their work or personal activity.
Not always, however, is aware of this important reality and, even more often, due to lack of resources, is able to cope with an adequate coverage.
The broker provides professionalism and expertise to his client, supporting him with his own expertise in creating a comprehensive and up-to-date insurance program.


The broker is a deep expert of the activity of his client and not infrequently it is he who identifies the "grey" areas, where the risks are not obvious and must be brought to light in order to evaluate its importance.
He also knows the market proposals that meet the insurance needs of that business, and in bringing together demand and supply, supports the customer by optimizing relations with companies, in the choice of the cover managing the implementation phases, taking care with continuity of the maintenance and adaptation of the parameters of evaluation and finally, if, unfortunately, became necessary, dealing with the claims management from the opening to redress insurance definition.

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