By Sea

By Sea

It is the sector in which Inter. Ass. can boast a very particular competence thanks to the long shipowning experience of the president and founder Tullio Gazzillo, which has provided a solid basis on which to deepen the knowledge of every aspect of the complex activity of sea/land/air transport and the relative international norms allowing to establish a relationship of confidence with the customers and the insurance companies operating in the transport sector. Inter. The Ass. enjoys a recognized competence that allows it to be at the forefront of the service of interpretation and resolution of the problems encountered in the sector, in particular in the field of refrigerated goods transport. It also makes use of the expert service G.D.S.A. which, with its correspondents all over the world, both for quality control at the origin and as damage commissioner, allowing the complete management of the damages and therefore a prompt and rapid compensation of the same.

A standstill
in the turbulent sea
of insurance