I love Myself!

Protecting ourselves is an act of responsibility towards ourselves and our family.

As is often repeated "prevention is better than cure".



The insurance policy allows to protect the person from small and big accidents that can happen in the course of the daily activities going to cover an external traumatic event that causes physical injuries that have as consequence of: death, temporary invalidity or permanent invalidity.

The accident insurance policy is the protection that guarantees the payment to the insured of an indemnity established in policy, within the limits of the contractual agreements, for the underwritten guarantees such as:

  • Death from Accident

  • Permanent Loss of Ability to Wait for Work

  • Reimbursement of Necessary Treatment Costs due to Accident.

which can be implemented by:

  • Temporary Invalidity

  • Daily Allowance for Plaster

  • Per Day of Hospitalization




The Disease Policy is the tool that allows you to have financial support in case of health changes that are not attributable to an external and accidental violent cause but are generated within the body.

A health insurance policy allows you to choose, according to your needs, from which unexpected expenses and sudden protection.

The Companies, upon completion of an anamnestic questionnaire, allow you, according to your needs, to protect yourself from:

  • Expenditure from Hospitalization Medical Expenses
  • Permanent Invalidity from Sickness
  • Expenses for High Diagnostic Exams
  • Major Surgical Operations
  • Expenditure on Specialist Services

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